and now for my next trick

Jus brought me what HE calls  ‘a plate’ and i call a styrofoam cafeteria tray from his family gathering yesterday (i have indeed referred to Jus as my brother. we’re related by mutual adoption.he kept calling me ‘his friend’ i objected strenuously, pointing out that i don’t have time for that bullshit from someone i can barely STAND most of the time. and yes. he’s well aware of this and he’s a reader LOL 😉 but as my little brother i don’t have to like his ass to make sure he stays out of trouble so the building runs smoothly and he does entertain me most of the time, so it’s a fair trade.) and i had skipped lunch (because he told me he was bringing me something and told me just to have a snack so i could take meds and not to spoil my appetite) so when he brought the food i did my disposal impression (okay i didn’t eat most of the hamburger bun and i managed to drop 1 bit of the lettuce and i skipped the hot dog bun because it was the same cotton ball white bread mush that i think is nasty and makes me feel like my teeth are glued together. i also only got about 2/3 of the deviled egg which is unfortunate. slippery little bastard went murphy’s law on me-you know butter side down <pout> but i ate the salami and cream cheese <!?>, celery and cream cheese <!?!?!? suggestion. next time throw a little dried dill in the cream cheese or something besides plain?!> watermelon, hot dog and hamburger within about 5 minutes. i call it my disposal impression. count your fingers now!) but after having a token taste of the piece of cheese cake so he could tell his aunt i went ‘oooh! oh yes. this WILL do.’ around my fingertip as i sucked off every last crumb of the cake, i put the slice in the fridge so i could have it with a glass of milk and giant mug of tea (milk and sugar. i like Tazo Awake for morning) and call it breakfast. (oh Jus! you can tell your Auntie that Zap begged for a taste this morning so i finally gave her a little corner and she yummed it up too and i mean that literally. as she ate the pencil eraser sized bit she was saying ‘uhmmynom, mamma, uhmmynom!’ yeah. it gets pretty surreal around here, but i’m used to it.) and i’ve been using the little toothpick-fork thing that was stuck in the deviled egg to eat the cake SLOWLY (sweets are about the only thing i will make an effort to savour. the rest aside from an initial taster bite to assure whoever made it hat it’s edible? hell it’s just fuel. i don’t like bad food, but most of the time the whole eat to live thing is annoying. i could be WORKING instead of wasting time on this shit!) and i dropped a bit. Zap had already decided that she didn’t want anymore since the 2nd bit i gave her is still on the stoop to the balcony. so i bent down, scooped it up and tossed it MEANING for it to go over the railing. left handed. not looking and instead of the long nothing followed by a low rustle i expected, i heard a short SPLUT! looked up. oh dear Gods! (giggling) the arch of my balcony umbrella. damn things not 2 inches wide and i hit it. talent. couldn’t do that again if i wanted to do it again.

okay. i’m a bit better (or i guess different) feeling than yesterday, so i suppose i’ll get the day started and try to get some shit done today.



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