S I S T E R- Open letter.

I have often wondered how different my life would be if you weren’t part of it. I cant imagine a single event in my life being the same.  Every single childhood memory has you attached to it & oh I am glad it does.

This is an open letter to my Big Sister;

My sister isn’t the greatest, the funniest, or even the most perfect in all the world (even though she loves to think she is) but she sure is all of that to me. My sister is someone I can trust, someone who can always relate to me, she is my favorite person to laugh with. She will forever be my role model, my friend and in my eyes the best sister a girl could ever have.

I don’t think anyone could understand just how amazing our friendship is.

I know when shes mad, so I also know how and when to stay away from her. (& yes she may be short but shes a feisty little one)

She does the same for me, When I am mad she knows that I don’t want to talk to anyone so she stays out of my way until I cool down.


Little sisters like me often forget how important big sisters like you are. If it weren’t for you, who knows how long I would of went without wearing the right shade of makeup. Haha I remember I used to wear the darkest makeup not knowing any better, But really of all the things you ever taught me and gave me advice about, Somewhere along the lines I forgot to Thank You.

When I started Struggling with Middle School Drama, you were always there. Not quite like mom though, mom never really understood teenage drama right?

You have seen me in tears, pain, in love and a lot of the times in Frustration.

You were there every step of the way.

I still remember when I went to my first party, and I cried because I had nothing “nothing” cool to wear. (Of-course this was back in the day when quinceneras were in style, & I thought I was the coolest little thing going) You walked in my room with one of your favorite shirts and did my makeup. Memories like this I will always remember.  That wasn’t the only time you let me borrow your clothes, even when I was mean and never let you touch my stuff (yeah I was a selfish little brat back then with anger issues.) Just like your closet, you always opened up  your heart and mind to me. You taught me so much about life, and gave me so much advice, but you never suffocated me with your wisdom, you let me make my own mistakes and learn from them & When I did make mistakes, Which happened more than I would like to admit, you were there to talk to me and tell me it was going to be okay.


I’m glad that we don’t fight as often anymore; It no longer matters who gets the bathroom first in the mornings, or who get the control and gets to watch their favorite movie but instead our talks are about our futures, our day to day struggles and our day to day accomplishments.

Before our fights could have been considered World War III. You screamed at me for not copying your hairstyle, & I got mad at you because you wouldn’t let me hang out with you and your cool older friends. I used to always scream and tell mom, I was such a tattle tale. Haha. But what you don’t know is that I would quietly sneak  into your room all time when you weren’t home to read your magazines, and steal your nail polish.

& I would like a Thank you for keeping all your secretes from mom and dad. Remember that one time you had me cover for you while you snuck outside at night to hang out with friends? Again not a peep from me. So I think I deserve some credit.

I remember when we were younger you cut my barbie doll’s hair, you promised me it would grow back (Suprice is actually doesn’t& I’m still upset about that)

I fell for all your dumb little tricks that got me to all your chores, Like when you said “ill time you” to get me to run to the kitchen and get you a snack. LOL


Growing up we were always there to make each other laugh.

We shared a room for years (even though half of the time you would lock me out)

We would play silly games when mom and dad were sleeping and we would always get caught. I still don’t know how but mom manages to hear any little noise even a mile away. lol we would get yelled at and pretend to be asleep, but as soon as the coast was clear we were back at it again.

We were annoying as crap, I remember we would gain up on our little brother to the point where he hated us. We were evil geniuses, If i do say so myself. (We kinda still are) When I was younger you would always trick me into saying inappropriate stuff that I didn’t know the meaning to.

As much as you were the mean older sister, I was the annoying little sister. I wanted to be just like you, I wanted all your clothes, I wanted to listen to the same music you did, Eat the same foods you did (except for seafood ewwk.). I was like a little leach attached to you, Lord I bet I got on your nerves. Geez… I can be super annoying sometimes right? that still hasn’t changed.

You have saved my ass from being an idiot more times than I could ever thank you for.  Sometimes I roll my eyes at you when you preach and say “I told you so” but I know that you’re right and its only for my own good.

You are literally the biggest pain in my ass but the most wonderful sister a girl could ever have.

I may not know exactly where and who I will be in 4 years but I do know that when I walk across that stage receiving my diploma, you ll be my biggest cheerleader, like you always have been.


I love you Sister!


Your annoying little leach.

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