season 1 episode 28

new detectives still check out THAT episode. Tenn. Body Farm. i have my donation papers right in front of me. neat shit. check it out, check them out. when they heard what i have they were VERY interested because it’ll make me an unusual case study. since i used to hitch hike all over the landscape and could very well have ended up a Jane Doe (it’s partly why i have such a fascination with true crime. i’ve met a few of these bastards over the years and i guess i scared THEM enough that they decided i wasn’t worth trying to make another notch in their hockey mask! too much trouble? yup. damn straight, psychwad. anyone that’d have tried anything would have had their windpipe handed to them at the very least!) but their need for donations is VERY real and the service they perform VERY useful. YES! They CAN use a body after the organ donation folks have been at it (and yes i am an organ donor. if you’re not? why the fuck not, you selfish bastard?). besides, it’s SO much more goth. anyone can get buried. oooh colour me underwhelmed. (WHAT!? spellcheck has decided my MADE UP word Underwhelmed is a WORD?! sheesh!) and if you’re going for cremation? honey, you’re just adding to air pollution and the fumes from burning a body are fucking NOXIOUS. now donating it to science? THAT i can agree with, but you know me. i never and i mean NEVER 1/2-ass anything. what’s the uber coolest? Body Farm duh (it’s not the only 1 for the record, but it IS 1 of the few and it’s the closest 1 to where i live)

so. check it out. i can’t say ALL the cool kids are doing it because i couldn’t give a springloaded flying fuck what other people consider cool. as the saying goes? i know what *I* like. and THIS is not only wicked fucking cool, but you just MIGHT be providing the data some bereaved family needs to be able to find closure for a murdered loved one AND justice for their untimely end. think about it.



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