screws loose

the barometer just dropped like a fucking STONE. how do i know this? screws in my left knee from my very 1st knee surgery. i can never recall if it’s 2 or 3. i think it’s 2 site IN the bone, but in 1 it’s 2 smaller ones or something weird. i don’t know if i have those journals anymore. i went through a partial destruction when idiot dad managed to set the basement on fire. (sigh) and the wind just picked up and the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees while i was typing that.

but my screws, loose or otherwise (chortle)

okay, when we were kids, ALL of us, i’m SURE have heard and ‘old’ friend or relative (and when you’re under 10, anything over 15 is elderly, right? 😉 ) has announced within our hearing ‘oh, it’s going to storm! I can feel it in my >fill in the blank old surgery site, war wound or other various and sundry injury< better close the windows!’ and though you knew your mother would bap you a cuff round the old earhole if you SAID any such thing, but secretly, you were thinking ‘old fool, MUST be senile’ or some variant.

well, now that i have a couple chunks of metal holding parts of my left knee together, i want to HUMBLY apologize for thinking such AWFUL cruel things! and i know why it does it too. metal contracts with temperature changes, usually it’s gradual and it doesn’t really bother me much (especially compared to everything else LOL!) but when there’s a real sharp change like the barometer dropping before a storm, then it’ll contract quickly jarring the tissue that has grown in around it in the 15 years since i had them installed as it were. it doesn’t HURT per se, but it sure feels FUNKY. now when it’s really muggy and humid on the other hand and they EXPAND in the heat on the otherhand….. (sigh) yeah.

but i just realized i had that cute picture and hadn’t used it yet, when i sent it to Jus to show his dad.

i might still get a pain journal up, but honestly? don’t hold your breath. i’ve not done much today though i had the intention. just a little tired, but not seizures or anything unexpected (well, i had a left leg only from knee down sort of a one, but it was JUST there. odd.)



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