18th october 2007 1032pm thursday

sheesh! i’m sweating my freckles off! i think Scott turned on the furnace already. that really helps in 78 degree weather! (rolls eyes)

of course my legs are hating me today as a result. feh! cramps in both legs. that delightful <–place sarcasm there-percussion nonsense and shooting pains. damn fluctuating barometer anyway. it needs to just rain and be done with it. that and the temperature needs to settle the fuck down. it’s really getting on my nerves and i mean that quite literally.

i also had to dispense with my helper. he’s making controlling boyfriend noises at me again.turned off a dvd i was watching last night and then insisted i watch an idiotic thing about news broadcasting which *I* turned off. then he had the nerve to get in a snit at me about it so i turned it off and threw him out. my fucking house, my fucking rules, right? with all this shit, more idiocy and stress i don’t need!



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