agh! sorry my post got deleted again!

How! how does this keep happening to me! lol alright anyway ill fill you in.

This morning me and Kris finally got the green machine back from the shop after it stopped on the freeway. Getting to Dallas this morning wasn’t that bad at like 10 am although there was some traffic but its Dallas that kind of stuff is standard issue. Anyway, Kris told me the way to get home and I am 99% sure I actually took that way but either way I got to work 20 min early and had time to get in a 15 minute empowerment meditation.

I feel amazing after that! I felt pretty shitty about the drive but then I realized I don;t think I was wrong just a bit confused. I got her call when I was still keeping a lookout for my exit and it caused confusion and made her frustrated because she couldn’t figure where I was but I was on the right track.

I am not apart of this World, this World is apart of me. I am an eternal being with an abundance of power to put my life in any direction I so chose to.

I am not apart of the universe, the universe is apart of me. I have eternal love, power and abundance that spreads all over the world out to the universe.

The people I love are apart of me, my emotions are apart of me, the rooms I am in, my experiences, interactions, friends and family are all apart of me. My light spreads from wherever I am to outside those walls, to my home, the streets, my state, my country, my world. I am light and I am good.


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