Let’s start with my weekend so far. I taught Saturday classes all day as usual. I overheard Ken, one of the expat teachers, yell at the staff for having forgotten to hand the books to the students who’d already paid.

Then I returned to my rented room nearby. I had a chat with my best friend Hazel Eyes (who also lives in the same building as mine but in a different room) for a while. My phone buzzed and I answered it.

It was my brother. He said he wanted to have dinner with us. He and his girlfriend Tia were already on their way, so Hazel Eyes and I prepared ourselves. I was also light-packing for home.

The four of us had dinner at Bakmi Garing. I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t eat much. We chatted away before it was time to go home.

Sunday was the meeting up between our family and Tia’s at their place. My brother’s getting married. Have I told you that already? He’s already proposed her and she’s said yes. YAY!

I knew it wouldn’t be difficult. They like him as much as we like her, so the date is being set. It’s only a matter of ‘when’.

            My friends Mark and Tiara are going to have their first baby boy next month. My sister’s going to have hers in three months. (Can you believe it? It’s her fourth!)

And Hazel Eyes is moving into his new (rented) house next month. He’s going to start his cookie business too. Of course I’m going to help him. I’m willing to help him with that as much as I am with Ma’s catering business.

I haven’t found another fulltime job with a more stable income yet, but I’m still looking. Strangely, I’m not too worried.

My writing career is just beginning…


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