The Nightmare Begins

I thought this would be an appropriate title for my journal today, because 1) I just found out the name of the song that I’ve been looking for for ages (The Nightmare Begins, from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack) and 2) It’s only like 20+ days until I take my exams and my stress-induced nightmares are on their way.

Also. The fact that I’m even writing this can show that I’m in a serious rut of procrastinating (if that doesn’t sound weird) because after all, I’ve already said goodbye to writing these things. I am just so unwilling to study that I have been opening the lamest websites online and checking up on the same thing several times a day just so I have an *excuse* to not be revising math (which I should be doing), chemistry (which I need to work even harder on), or physics (which I am so bad at that I am not going to bother to spend much time on).

But yeah anyway, I have now become immensely paranoid about people stalking me online, after reading up on all those stalking cases and creepy people who steal others’ pictures and whatever. In fact I’m actually quite wary of writing THIS thing right now, because apparently people can track IP addresses and find out where you live. The only thing that comforts me is, I’m in fucking CHINA which is on the other side of the WORLD from the USA and is so HUGE and FULL OF PEOPLE that the stalker will probably give up before they fly over and start searching for me. This is why I have never ever ever and will probably never never never put my picture online–at least you don’t have any idea what you look like, creeps, so good luck finding me!!!!

To end this rather jumbled entry I would like to list out the things I like right now (I love making lists. Really. It’s such a fun thing to do when you’re a perfectionist.)

Music: Hallelujah–Paramore, I Write Sins Not Tragedies–Panic! at the Disco, I Won’t Let You Down–Ok Go! I would like to add that, when I said in previous journals that Tokio Hotel was going to replace Paramore as my favorite band–I WAS APPARENTLY SUFFERING FROM DELUSIONS, because they are NOWHERE NEAR AS GOOD AS PARAMORE. What was I even thinking. I don’t even like 99% of their music! While I can listen to all four of Paramore’s albums on repeat!! So yeah just to clear that up, moving on…

Movies: The Devil Wears Prada, Trainspotting, Persepolis, Pulp Fiction…a bunch of others, I don’t even know. Just a ton of movies I want to see now.

Books: Really anything, especially Vampires in the Lemon Grove and A Song of Ice and Fire.

People: My three nice teachers, Dan Howell (my new favorite famous person) and Phil Lester, Hayley Williams (my idol), and my classmate C, who has always been nice.

So that’s about it. Have a good afternoon everyone–or a good night or a good morning, whatever time zone you’re in right now, have a good one.

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