Why there hasn’t been any updates.

Man, I’ve been gone a long time. A lot of stuff has been going on that I keep on forgetting to post on here. Basically, XII was being a real pain in the ass to V and I mean a REAL pain in the ass. V has had self confidence problems for as long as anyone can remember. And XII has the nerve to call him a loser that nobody cares about? That it wouldn’t make a difference if he lived in the house or not? What a horrible thing to say!

V went up to his room after that and apparently everyone that it was ok to wait to tell me what happened! I didn’t find out until we were halfway to the hospital! V is ok (thank goodness) and XII well…I don’t know what I is going to do with him. Hopefully, something awful. Is that a bad thing to say?…Oh well he deserves is.

On top of that we’ve been going to and from the hospital because VI has been really sick and none of us could figure out why. The doctors told us that it was his appendix that had burst! So he had that removed, but he didn’t get too much better. He also got the stomach flu on top of the fever he had, was stiff from being in bed all the time and in and out of consciousness because of the medicine he’s on.

I’ve been taking care of him, I guess he trusts me more than the others. After he got home, he threw a fit saying that he didn’t want to be touched and he didn’t want his medicine. But for some reason when I took over he calmed down. He let me help him to his room and apparently I’m the only one who can cook for him, bring him the food, water and his medicine. If anyone else tries to do any of those things or if they even try to come near his room he starts freaking out! Which isn’t a good thing considering there’s a gaping wound in his side.

I don’t really mind constantly taking care of him, it gives me something to do and knowing that I’m helping him get better is kinda satisfying.

Signing off


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