20th october 2007 623pm saturday


today has been a REALLY bad knee day.

normally i get very annoyed when mom cancels plans on me at the last minute, but today when she called a few minutes after 5, plainly lying about what she was up to (i could hear my sister cyBITCH’s voice in the background, so she clearly wasn’t out with a friend from work and her her daughter. when Morwena said ‘hey, Reagan!’ it clinched it!) (*note my psych-wad sister wasn’t supposed to be within a hundred feet of daughter PERIOD. no fucking excuses. mind you this bitch is SO stupid i once had to provide advice via mom to her over the phone  -are you ready for this? if you are drinking? swallow NOW….okay? so stupid she put a tampon in STILL IN THE PACKAGING!!!! I suggested squats, lubricant and kegels to extract it which worked. fortunately for HER she doesn’t give a shit about the enviornment and was using the plastic packaged tampons. if it had been paper she’d have been the prime target for a REALLY entertaining story for some poor EMT or emergency room med tech.fucking IMBECILE.) saying she was not going to be able to make it here by 530. i shrugged and said ‘sure, noon tomorrow is fine.’ still it pisses me off to know that instead of spending the evening with my daughter, i’d be stuck here alone again. ah well. i can finish this cotton shift i’m sewing (*note it wasn’t for me, but for a doll i’d made for Morwena and yes, i know it’s normally 2 n, but i have to be different. her middle name was Persephone too. but i made the doll and made a boot-box into a closet/carrying case/doll bedroom and wrapped every item separately so she had a massive pile of things to open for yule that year. karen/mom AKA MOTHRA ended up buying her a full size 3 room playhouse with kid sized furniture that year JUST to show me up because little kids respond to bribery) it’s turning out quite nicely and is very pretty.

still i suppose i should stay off my damn legs anyway and continue to rest, though i grow weary of resting!


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