Alright, I’ve been spending so much time with Hazel Eyes lately that almost everyone knows that.

I fell sick on Monday. That was completely out of the blue. How annoying! My throat was parched and it really hurt. My body was burning up.

Hazel Eyes had kindly accompanied me to the clinic. The result? A major sore throat. Aside from the prescribed antibiotics, the doctor had also given me another list:

  • No cold drinks. (What? Nooo!!)
  • No fries.
  • No sweets (except from fruits.)
  • More veggies and fruits.
  • No staying up late. (Okay, what if I have a deadline to catch?)


Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to put up with that for a while.

Hazel Eyes is officially moving into the new rented house next month. He’s still feeling nervous, so I guess I’ll be staying with him there for a while – three days a week at least. It’ll be just like when we went on a holiday together. I mean, we’re more like siblings already – or sometimes “Will and Grace”.

It’ll also be temporary, though. He and I have known each other long enough to respect one another’s privacy / personal space. Besides, I’ve already promised him that I’ll be helping him to interact with the neighbours around. I know that we’re not really blood-related, but I’ve already considered him a family. He’s like a big brother to me. I love him.

Only God knows and understands my truest intentions here. Hopefully He’ll help us both. Aameen…

I finally bought my own book last Tuesday. It still feels weird, you know. Bizarre. Surreal. I mean, me – publishing my own book at last. It’s a dream come true.

Now it’s all up to me to keep the dream alive. I’m currently working on my second now, so I’ll be able to continue living the dream.

Have I ever seen Hazel Eyes blush? Plenty of time. Just like Wednesday afternoon, when we went to a food bazaar to catch up with his old friend Pram who sells burgers. There was a cute-looking fellow who came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. It turned out that they knew each other and had also shared quite a ‘brief history’.

After exchanging numbers, Hazel Eyes couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. He was even blushing. I couldn’t resist teasing him all the way back to our building.

He was taken by the guy, and I could tell the feeling was mutual. I don’t know how it might turn out later on, but I know what to call the other dude here. I have a feeling that they’ll see each other again.

Let’s call him…L.



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