check please

Zap dragged some of my hanging laundry into her litter box and will be spending the morning in the punishment corner. (this means i send her to go sit there and yell at her if she gets up before i tell her she can. generally she’ll stay there too.) i then coughed up about a bowl full of crap (seriously it covered the bottom of the trash can by about an inch!) no idea if i’ll be good for anything today. for now? haven’t even taken my meds yet. i’d like y stomach to settle 1st.

so here. have something mind-meltingly adorable for a picture.



One thought on “check please”

  1. don’t get bent out of shape. they’re weighing the kitten. see the scale? it’s probably in a bowl because it couldn’t get out of it because it’s so little and they wanted to weigh the little rascal since my totem animal is so endangered.also this proves cats are liquids. they will adjust to fit the shape of their container.

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