Dream Entry – nightmare

I was pleasantly pleased with how quickly I had fallen asleep given the situation and conversations leading up to bed. It was too late for so much complaining and hardheaded venting, but I listened for a friend. It was difficult to find the right words – a balance of support and a reality check. I don’t know if I found that balance.

Sleeping on my side, turned to the wall – it was good and peaceful. I felt weight next to me. It embraced me. It was sweet and strong. But I didn’t know who it was. They wouldn’t let me see them and they started kissing me and touching me. Panic and fear set it. I pushed them out of my bed and screamed and screamed. They were shocked and scared but not moving fast enough for me. I got them in the door way and pushed their body halfway out – legs still over the threshold. I could hear people coming and I started screaming but I had no volume and it was a weak scream. No one came. I pushed and pushed the rest of the body out of the door. As soon as he was out the door he stood and there was ¬†mess around his feet. Scattered odds and ends that seemed to come from no where and his dick was out. He tried to force himself through and I scrambled to close the door and lock it. He was pushing back on the other side and I wasn’t sure if I was fast enough to get it closed and locked. I was scared the the door wasn’t secure and he would force his way back in. The locked clicked and I felt better. I quietly stepped away from the door and he pounded on it. It looked like it was moving with each pound. I came closer and spied through the peep hole – he was staring back at me. I stared and he did, too.

I think it was my neighbor.

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