experiments gone great

alright. you remember the ‘THAT’ cookies/photo? well, there’ve been some changes. i melted about 1/2 a cup of dark chocolate chips in a plastic bowl in the microwave and spread them onto the little shortbread squares. then came the hardest part. putting the dish in the refrigerator for an hour (and i REALLY wanted some. i’m not exactly known for restraint when it comes to food and i shouldn’t be. i’m hungry so rarely that when i do get a craving for something, i try to act on it as quickly as possible before i decide that prep is too bothersome and just skipping it entirely)

but i managed and oh.my. Gods. it was SO worth it. they taste JUST like Chess Sqeares as a neighbor who tried one just told me a few minutes ago. i’ve eaten about 10 of them already and have taken them away from myself until my neighbors start getting home so i can share some of them LOL

it also looks like i’m not going to have the oomph to get much done today. it was an all exits morning and i had 4 mini-seizures…brief fainting spells of less than a minute in duration from 10am, to about 1130am. i’m more ‘with it’ now, but the combined chaos of the morning has left me a little shaken.

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