May 28- Playground Shenanigans

So, today…well I guess it would be yesterday since I’m writing at one in the morning…Anyways, today was a great, fun filled day. Kailynn and I planned to film another episode of “Britney and Samantha”. She is officially my best friend. It’s always a good time with her. We drove around for a bit without a destination, that’s always the best kind of driving, and we came upon a small playground in the middle of a random neighborhood. We just HAD to play on it and re live the golden days. It really was fun and the golden days were successfully re lived. Then we went to her house to get her siblings off of the bus. We took them to sonic, which if you haven’t tried the lemonberry slush with pop rocks DO SO NOW. After that we finished recording our episodes and I went home to prepare to go to Jerod’s. He is a beautiful boy. I could look at him all day he is so perfect. I’m still so angry thatSydney says she doesn’t picture him being the one for me. It’s ironic because he is the only one whom I’ve ever thought might possibly be. Screw other people and their shallow opinions. I’m in love, get your lonely ass over it. Anyways, he really sang for me for the first time every. He was so nervous it was very refreshing. All the other jerks I’ve dated were so cocky about their talents. Humbleness is attractive, boys. He is leaving for vacation on Sunday so today was the last day I was able to see him. Man, am I going to miss him. I’m really not sure how we will manage without each other but I guess we will have to. I still haven’t got any interview calls from the places I’ve applied to which I do not at all appreciate. Whatever.

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