meme shopping for an hour can you tell?

yeah i had some alphabet cookies and 1/2 a glass of powdered and reconstituted LOL i’m not chewing spoonfulls of powder LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and yes, it isn’t THAT bad. the trick is? when you follow the directions to make a quart? add an extra 1/2 cup of the powder and if you can let it cool overnight. tastes like 2 percent to me. i prefer the liquid stuff meself, but practicality means that when i REMEMBER to get it the last week or so of the food month (which is different than the calender month. huh? oh. i’m a 4th which suits me fine. i dash out and run my errands on the 1st with the help of Branden and Chris or Jus occasionally (my little brother is a FLAKE. if he tells you he’ll do something? oh he WILL…..eventually when you badger the shit out of him UNLESS there’s money involved and then he’s all over it… if he feels like it. yup. razzin the shit out of you, Jus. and the best part? unless you want people to know who you are on here? you won’t say shit about it, will you? hehehe) and then scuttle back to my flat until the 4th or the next available weekend then run out and get 96% of the grocery shopping for the month. i usually end up ‘over-rounding’ (okay. my brain is weird. not only do i have a near eiditic memory -hey, never said i could SPELL! Dyslexics of the world untie!- and can usually do the shopping with no list,and no calculator and still get within what i’ve allotted myself. i always round UP. if something is 1.15-1.99 i call  it 2. about 2 weeks till month’s end i’ll go back and get munchies (because that’s usually around when i get my period and want chocolate and chips LOL) and sodas to hold me until grocery day and milk goes bad in liquid form.

well, i’m going to try to bust a little ass and get some work done today. we’ll see what happens.



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