Week One Reflection

One of the first major eye opening lessons learned in week one had to do with classroom orderliness and safety. It seemed pretty obvious that keeping the classroom neat and tidy develops good habits and creates a clean and welcoming environment for students to look forward to every day. I learned that it is my responsibility to make sure that everything in the classroom is safe. Though maintenance, engineering, IT and housekeeping may actually be in charge of correcting an issue, it is up to me as the classroom teacher to be the first line of defense. Looking at floors for spills, torn caret and untied shoe laces is just as important to look for discolored ceiling tiles, unusual lighting occurrences, or areas not being cleaned properly that over time could lead to a health hazard. I may even recruit my students to help me by dividing certain tasks up in order to keep things neat and organized in the classroom. This also teaches the students a little bit about responsibility and teamwork. I guess for me the idea of resetting one’s Moral Compass is still a topic that I am a little unsure of. I can understand self-reflect and self-correct, but sometimes there are “ethical gray areas” as well as the comfortable and gradual development of relationship that is spent with the students over a long period of time. You can think before you act and you can pause and gather before you speak but how do you actually take something back once it has been put out there. For example, a student keeps baiting you with ridiculous questions (knowing full well that it is getting you started) and you accidentally slip and poke fun at the student’s constant questions going nowhere in a playful but funny manner. The student is insulted and goes home to tell the parents. The parents, in turn, contact the school for being singled out and embarrassed. You may think after spending so much time with these children that you can let your guard down and make light of a situation but it turns out to come back at you. You can do a moral review but how can you move beyond the situation without bringing it up and talking about BOTH halves of the incident?

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