21 october 2007 341pm sunday


my legs have been simply EVIL today. i know, i know. i keep saying (writing (*note typing!) 🙂 ) that, but i really mean it. if anything, the constant pain has increased. when the pills kick in, it still averages a 5.7 or so. without them it’s more like 8.5! and it isn’t just my knees and shins. now it’s above my knees as well! what the fuck is happening to me!?

i went out today. 5th time since the (*note most recent and final >touch wood< ) knee surgery. i only sat in the car, but i was out for a little while it was nice to be out, but somewhat painful to be crammed in the front seat like that. it was pleasant to sit and read books to my daughter though. i did enjoy that.

my table just got fuzzy to the tune of 17 pounds of cat.

ah well. my friend Steve Brust (*note yup. that one. Tekla etc.) said my knees should be voted out of office. if only we could find a way!


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