It’s weird now. That I’ve been doing this since I was nineteen. The only habit I can’t break. It’s weird explaining something that is normal to you too someone who thinks it’s crazy. I suck at relationships. I crave the ability to have multiple partners. It keeps the spice with everyone. I like posting ads online and meeting random guys. I’ve met quite a few interesting people. By doing this for so long I have mastered my skills and developed my taste and discovered my turn ons. Sure in the beginning it sucked more than it didn’t but I found my way learned how to filter people out and hone in on what I’m searching for. Just last night I posted an ad and got a response that seemed to good to be true. Thus man’s body was so fine. Very muscular and his Cock was very large,I couldn’t fit it all theway into my mouth. He was married and such a great person to talk with. We met in person at the bar had a drink went upstairs to his room. We kissed we stripped we exchanged really enjoyable oral sex and then had sex. Really awesome wet pleasurable sex. I even left my comfort zone and got on top but I had to because his Cock as I said was REALLY big and oh Mi God. I was spent after. He sent an email after I left saying again thanks for coming out and I look so hot when getting fucked. Ahh nights like that are why I do this. No commitment no attachment I don’t lose that awesome time in the future when the sex gets bland. Anyways. But lately I’ve been more open about it and it’s strange the reactions I get from ny friends..

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