lawnguy arrived at 1140am began at 1150 and left at 1210pm

no. i did not do that drawing LOL but Tardar rocks… except that christer holiday crap. i never save those, but she is an adorable little rascal, isn’t she?

oh the reason i’ve 2ce now posted something with a schedule for lawncare? LOL Scott asked me to make a note of when he was coming and how long long he was here. he was confused a few weeks ago because it looked like no one had mowed in a month (to his credit, it really was crazy looking, but it was just weeds that grow faster, the lawn having been reseeded with weed-ridden cheap ass grass seed when they had to open access to lines under the front edge of the yard which is now a gaping PIT-like crater in the front yard a good 1 1/2 FEET lower than the surrounding lawn. good job, jackasses. still looks like shit. are you ever going to come back and fix it like you promised? and after Scott had worked SO hard all last spring to really make it look great too!) and said he found it a little suspect (using my phrasing not his, but he does have an impressive vocabulary and is 1 of the brightest, kindest men i’ve known in my travels. so he does say things like that but that wasn’t his exact phrasing. so THERE, Scoot 😉 you rock….most of the time 😉 ) that the landscaper claimed it HAD only been 2 weeks, but my journals proved it and he asked me to keep an eye out and make note of when the guy’d been and for how long. so. yup. lawnguy was here. i didn’t talk to him though (though you lot know me, i’ll talk to just about anyone. if nothing else, i love hearing everyone’s stories and everyone have stories to tell.) it’s already getting icky muggy and i’m actually rallying and have started getting some work done for the day.

already got ice trays cracked (because it gave me an excuse to stick my head arms and shoulders in the freezer for a few moments LOL like i said it’s already icky-muggy) and got my list writtwen out so i was doing that while he was here because i knew i wouldn’t be able to hear the last episode of FBI files (that they HAVE on Netflix. all they have is 1 season and with that, i think i’ve again exhausted their supply of forensic shows that i haven’t seen yet. i don’t waste time on the fictional ones or ‘based on a true story’ shit) so was in the kitchen most of the whole 30 minutes that the man was on the grounds. (no. it didn’t take me that long to crack ice trays, i finished the page in the journal i was working on, then did the list and current bitch-book entry for the day and then i went in to crack ice trays. so.

okay. let’s see if i can really rock out and get some shit done today. i have a couple things from last night’s list i still need to do (dishes and put away the stack of the most recent drawings) which have been added to today’s list. it’s a mostly sit down list as it’s going to need to be since again, it’s hot and muggy (and i will NOT turn the AC on in fucking MAY and i’d prefer not to turn on the fan till june.) and i’m achier than usual including, alarmingly my right hand!!!!!! (not yet. not yet. i need that to draw still. i CAN draw left handed, but lines are ‘tighter’ right handed. i’m more confident drawing right handed, but i lead left in most other things, just writing and drawing i do right handed.) which is going to mean breaking out the tiger balm later.


oh! Scoot, if you have read this far? sarah appears to be moving. you ARE aware of this?

alright. back to work.


note to the people who do this site… uhm… for a blog that’s meant to be public (if i wanted it private, i wouldn’t be putting the shit online, now WOULD I?!) is there any way to make ‘public’ my default setting? anyone else reading this that can answer that? feel free to answer in the comment section.


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