look in the mirror.
you are flesh and blood and bone
but more than that,
you are fire
and heat
and life
an ember, a spark
a molten iron core
a shooting star at midnight

and this world will try to make
you cold but you must not let it.

it will whisper,
you are not enough
your naivete is touching
but look where that gets you.
be sensible
be cynical
be afraid

and yet
and yet in the mirror
your eyes still shine
like the twin suns of tatooine.

do not believe it when
the phantoms speak in your voice.
they are only shadows,
and they will pass come in the morning
and you
you will still be here

and this is your unbreaking
your rebuilding
your rise from the ashes
because at the end of the night
you are unbroken

heart beating like a bass drum
lungs gasping for sweet oxygen
mind racing like a path integral
and alive

still confused, maybe
still hurting
still asking, “why?”
but you are electric
and yes, still alive
and that little spark of yours
I really, truly believe,
will never go out.

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