What will it take to love you First?

Hello to whom is reading this………..

I know this friend she is very lovely and creative. But the downside Is she thinks she needs a guy to make her happy.

Of course as a friend I told her the truth that you have to love

Yourself first. But she would just roll her eyes and rush off to the next guy after a relationship would end and I’ve figured out why.

She never Found herself after her first break up she thinks that she will feel complete with a guy near her.Sure he might be handsome usually not you see why girls that that have low-self esteem don’t get a great guy at all is because there confidence is so low and they aren’t doing anything to help themselfs.”If don’t respect yourself no one can respect you”.

You See if you are in this position right now like my friend.

And you didn’t like that guy you were with but don’t want to be alone.Listen to my advice don’t chase after that guy he’s not worth it.He never well be but what you need to do is find yourself. It really helps being Single it helps you to stand on your own to feet.

And start to join an activity or organization, Find a Friend,

Talk to someone and even if you aren’t religious to pray to god it has help many times before but he can’t help if you don’t ask for help. Also of course I can’t get my friend to listen to me even if I shouted from the tops of my lungs for her to find your-self to find confidence, to love yourself first.

But I stopped wasting my breathe and decided to tell people that might listen to me instead.

I hope you know you are Great, Fantastic, Creative,

Find yourselfs first, Your Great, and Deserve the best,

Smile, laugh, live,



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