1 of those damn days

the whole damn world seems to be conspiring to piss me off today.

well, 1st off, i busted hardcore ass today! had most of my list done by 2pm which included finishing a mending project (an old much loved pair of my ex’s red plaid flannel boxer shorts, converted into regular shorts quite some time ago needed 2 new patches and a seam reinforcement), dishes, laundry, putting that pile of drawings away, watering and trimming plants, and the MASSIVE task of dragging all the full journals, sketchbooks and 1st draft novels, cleaning them, cleaning the shelf then organizing them and reshelving them (because i’m damn near done with 2nd drafting the 1st notebook full of Renegades Inc and needed to know where the next 1 was so when it’s time to switch, i wouldn’t need to halt the flow nd could just snag the next 1 from the shelf next to me.

the heat index hit ninety-fucking-seven degrees today, but at least all that sultry heat made the dust less flyaway so i wasn’t in billowing clouds of it while i was playing librarian. i’m actually patently stunned that my allergies didn’t go shit ballistic today.

let’s see. so you lot already know about the dippy lawn guy and that sarah-asshat decided to jump ship on us and move out without her boyfriend (yer better off withut her, dude, if her behavior today is anything like what the REAL sarah is like? you’re way better off without her!). among the stupidity she engaged in today? van blocking the driveway ALL fucking morning on a saturday when people were trying to go in and out of the parking lot out back. (niiice) leaving the front door propped open all fucking morning (the locked security door that i fought like hell to actually GET for the building) so anyone could just wander in here and bother people or help themselves to anything not nailed down. then there was the shouting and the door slamming and the CHEERING every time they brought something out RIGHT NEXT TO MY SLEEPING FRIENDS’ BEDROOM WINDOW!! WHAT.THE.FUCK!?! i finally popped out and read her the riot act ‘what the FUCK is your problem? it’s obvious you’re jumping ship and the boyfriend isn’t part of this move. Scott WILL be informed, i assure you since you’re all but sneaking out of here. but i expected BETTER of you. like something resembling RESPECT for your about to be former neighbors perhaps? but OH no. have to be selfish and childish, don’t you because it doesn’t matter. you’re LEAVING. ditching us. blocking the driveway for the entire morning during what you KNOW is a high traffic time of day, leaving our front door propped open for HOURS on end so anyone could just fucking STRRROOOOOLLLLLLL on in here. and let’s talk about the screaming and the door slamming and the CHEERING next to someone’s bedroom window while the guy that works second shift is trying to sleep? BAD form!!! BAD fucking form. i expected fucking better of you. childish and selfish and petty. REAL nice. go on. finish moving out and get the fuck out and see if you can’t manage to shut up about it or shall i recite back your entire conversation because you’re SO loud i could hear you over the lawnmower AND my music? go on. SCRAM!’)and she stood there and GAPED at me, then ran into the building and they all rushed around QUIETLY, finished loading the van and tore outta here. uh huh. i fucking THOUGHT so.

things are finally calming down after THAT, when this guy comes bicycling up the hill, stops in front of OUR yard and walks his bike RIGHT into the yard and leans it against 1 of our oak trees. i’d NEVER seen the jackass here before (and i better never see his fucking ass again!) and he’s treating OUR yard like it’s a park? i think not. so i sat here and watched him take off his backpack, rummage around in it and pull out a phone. oh you have GOT to be motherfucking KIDDING me! and then he starts to sit down on the lawn!?! i shouted ‘DO. NOT!!!’ and he whips around trying to find out who said it, then started to sit down again! i stepped out on the balcony ‘this is NOT a park. this is NOT public property. unless you can give me the name AND apartment number of who you’re here to visit? you need to leave. NOW.’ he muttered ‘bitch’ i snarled ‘i am not A bitch. i am THE bitch. get it right and pick up your fucking shit and get the fuck out of my yard.’ i went back in and stepped back out of view of the street, but where i could still see it and him. he left his bag and bike and walked over to continue his phone conversation STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DRIVEWAY!?! oh hells to the mother fucking no. o grabbed my keys and crutches and went down to the foyer, angrily yanking the floor mat back into its proper position and watched him. he looked back up at my balcony, didn’t see me on it or at my desk and strolls right back over. THEN he starts to lean on Chris and Branden’s car!? oh fuck THIS shit sideways with a running chain saw.i shoved the door open. ‘what the FUCK do you think you’re doing now? what part of get out did you miss? well, it’s now become get the fuck out and if i have to come out there, you will NOT like what happens next. i am DEADLY serious here. pick up your shit and get the fuck off our property and get the fuck away from that car. take your bag and your bike and get the fuck out and you better PRAY i never see you again and for the record? because of my condition i am ALWAYS home. GET.OUT. NOW!!!!’ and he bolted.

this kind of shit has been going on ALL motherfucking day. seriously. i’m OVER this bullshit.

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