aFLOCKalypse now

found another show this morning on Netflix Nature’s weird events and this is RIGHT up my alley, it’s my perfect cup of tea insert your own favourite cliche here. (yes, i know. i do that on purpose. my spelling is often ye olde englishe. i just like the way the ‘ou’ looks in words when i’m long-handing it, i can give it that little flourish and my handwriting is calligraphy with a ballpoint biro pen. i learned calligraphy before i learned cursive because i was driving rellies nuts asking questions all the time and their response was always ‘buy her art supplies’ and this occasion netted me a cheap little calligraphy set; cartridge pen <these days, i prefer  a metal nibbed dip-method and i’m sure Jus could tell you if he ever got around to commenting on here, i keep it sharp. when we were slaying the cord octopus he managed to stab himself with it 2ce leaning around the jar it’s in LOL the pen IS mightier than the sword! well, it’s certainly sharper than my butterfly knife which i keep blunted>2 cartridges each of blue green red and black ink. 3 nibs the chamber/back of the pen and lid, a small tablet of vellum-like paper and a little 20 page booklet that showed you the basics! my teachers didn’t know what to make of me next year when i figured out a way to make calligraphy cursive as well. my marks ended up being kind of midrange because while i wasn’t following THEIR copybook, i was following a much more difficult copybook and it wasn’t just legible, it was lovely. what was freaking them out is i was like 8 at the time. like i said, people never seem to know quite what to do with me.)

but i digress. nature’s weird events. the episodes are an hour long, the guy narrating is funny and witty. but fucking NETFUX only has TWO episodes. (head-desk)

the heatwave finally’s back to going to only be in the 70’s today and LOWER 50’s tonight! YES! i’ll be able to sleep without icing the bed. and the only excitement is sposed to be Jus doing some odd jobbing in the area so he’ll be coming over today so i can tease him about fucking drunk texting me (eyeroll chortle) what i don’t think he knows is that i shut off my monitor after i take my sleeping pill. i leave something playing at night (TMNT 2K3 series. i have all 7 seasons arranged in playlists and leave on a season to work as a sound buffer against outside noise. i also have all the sounds associated with alerts on my google/gmail/google + shut OFF. there’s nothing that’ll blow my blow for working harder than some damn chime interrupting what i’m doing. i hate phones worse than that even.

oh the title? red wing black birds in arkansas dying by the hundreds. that’s what 1 f the experts called it. the aflockalypse. silliness.

well, let’s see if i cannot manage to get some work done today.



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