So uh, hey everyone! Hope you guys had a nice weekend–I did. Mondays actually kind of suck but today was quite nice so I’m in a good mood.

One thing though. I am seriously procrastinating too hard now. I’ve spent the last uh…four?…hours on the internet. Time really flies when you’re searching up random new websites and trying to avoid studying. Anyway, I tried out some very boring “quirky” sites after I did my daily rounds (checked both emails, checked Buzzfeed, checked the same four things on Tumblr, checked College Humor, checked Wikipedia) and then I was so unwilling to get up and study that I just went ahead and started opening random sites. Some were boring, some were okay, most were pointless, but hey, I guess everything on the internet is pointless, so.

I have been trying to make some new friends online though. It would be cool if I met someone (guy or girl, doesn’t matter) who is also approximately the same age as I am and has at least ONE thing in common with me (meaning, someone who likes danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, or someone who loves Paramore, or someone who loves movies, blah blah blah) and went ahead and forged a beautiful new friendship with them–like Dan and Phil did. How awesome would that be? The problem is, I do not want to post my own photo online and I am very wary of bumping into creeps and pervs and weirdos and sickos who might stalk me and harrass me and eventually find me and murder me or something. Is that paranoia or actual common sense talking, or both??? Anyway I don’t know, I’ve been uh, “shopping around” for a nice, somewhat-friendly-and-safe site, but nothing really promising has turned up yet. Probably because all/most sites out there have a bunch of like, ADULTS on them. Which is obvious because IT’S THE INTERNET but…No. No adults. I would just like to speak to fellow immature teenagers, thank you.
Yesterday I went shopping and it was nice, except my feet were sore. Seriously, after nearly sixteen years of walking around, you’d think my feet could handle walking better. But no. It was still fun, it was nice looking at all the interesting people on the bus and outside and it was also nice getting some ice cream (am I still immature for craving ice cream, like really) and later, waiting half an hour for and squeezing onto and later standing in a crowded bus was actually a pretty neat (not sure if I’ve used the right word here) experience. It was hot and humid and crowded on the bus, but it was the getting on that was kind of a nightmare. Just like, thirty+ people just all packed in front of a single entrance, all pushing and shoving the people in front of them to get through the doors, just like potatoes trying to squeeze down a funnel. But it was okay on the bus because even though I didn’t get to sit, my mom and my little sister got to sit on a seat that a nice guy let them have. And then twenty minutes of bus-standing and being in very close proximity to too many strangers. And then it was over. So, actually kind of cool, I guess–I’ve certainly never been on a bus that crowded before.

So yeah…that’s about it. Hope you guys have a nice Monday–really, you’ll get through it even if you hate Mondays–and also, happy International Children’s Day and first day of June! See you guys later, because I think I should really get off the internet now!!

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