herbal incense/herbal potpourri

okay, i’ve talked about it a few times and since i ordered some today. let’s really talk a bit about it.

yes. i really DO mean the shit that some of you had heard the horror stories on the internet about.  i go through 20 grams in about 5 days. from about the 3rd to the 8th every month. and here i still sit, grinning and eagerly anticipating getting my next order.

would i rather have cannabis? damn tootin, i would. we’re working hard on the legislation too and when they legalize medical marijuana in ohio, not only will i be 1 of the 1st ones in LINE, but i already have confirmation from my doc that when they do? all i have to do is ask. espECIALLY since he knows for a fact that on that day? i’m going to ask him to cut my painkillers down to a 1/2 of what i’m taking now and depending on what my allotment for the month ends up being (providing i live that long and honestly> the clock’s tickin folks! c’mon! we can DO THIS! 44 is too young to die! and my meds are giving me liver damage which i don’t need on top of everything else!) i may even 1/2 THAT and have the painkiller medications become a bedtime only thing.

for the time being? i do my 1ce a month 5 day long drug holidays as they’re called.  the day they’re going to be delivered (yay package tracing!), i cut down my meds from 3 a day to a SINGLE tablet being my allotment for the WHOLE DAY broken into 4 pieces (1 when i wake up, 1 at 11am, 1 at 3pm and the last bit around 7ish or so). as you MIGHT imagine, that doesn’t sit well with a system that’s gotten used to 3-4 Percoset 7.5’s a DAY! so what i do, the day before, i also go on a semi-fast. mostly clear diet. tofu-miso soup, consomme and saltines, scrambled eggs that kind of stuff. what i call low-impact dining. i’ll keep to that for pretty much the whole time too. why? well, as my fellow sufferers will happily tell you, painkillers will quite literally constipate the shit out of you (i will not apologize for that joke) and if you stop taking them for some reason? all bets are off and it becomes an all exits thing. puking, the runs that fun sort of thing <–place sarcasm there! and yes. what i do IS enough to start that up. that’s the whole POINT. i also drink a LOT of green and white tea to further flush out my system (pun entirely intended. yes, i know. that was OFFAL and i’m an ASS for making the joke ROFLMFAO)

now, i REALLY need to caution others against using MY particular method of doing this (though i do recommend doing a regular at least partial detox from your painmeds lest you end up having to take enough to knock over a herd of elephants just to barely scratch the surface of pain levels that rise exponentially as your tolerance rises! i have a REALLY weird metabolism. my monthly 5 day detox knocks my tolerance back to tolerable and i’ve managed to stay on pretty much the same dosage for YEARS. (at 1 point they raised me to 4 a day for 2 months after their now FIRED ASSistant Ashleigh-puhleez. pretentious much?- nearly got me killed with her instistance <fuck off spell check> that i take something from a whole family of medication that my record CLEARLY states that i’m allergic to! dumb fucking slag!- and after 2 months, shocked everyone by asking to drop back to 3 a day, telling them if they didn’t agree to it, i was going to be doing it anyway because it was RIGHT. they let me do it. when i say i play an active part in my own treatment? i MEAN it.) but by day 2 or 3, i can’t be more than 3 feet from a trashcan and more than 10 from the toilet. it sucks, but i do it EVERY month because the other isn’t an option for me. i will not be controlled by a desire for painmeds that barely help anyway.

now. is this shit really that dangerous? well…. i’ve seen people go ‘tweakity’ off 2 hits. my sensei tried some a couple years ago just had 2 hits off what most people would call a pinner and in his own words ‘i tripped balls for 2 hours! how are you still even sitting upright?!’

and you DO. when i 1st get it, i roll a PINNER and i really mean pinner like toothpick size, light up and prepare to dive for the bed LOL. see, i always get a 2 pack bundle of 10 grams each so 20 grams total. it’s always something i’ve tried and liked (i’ve had red-letter label Kush before. it’s really strong. really nice and last a good 40 minutes or so before it starts fading. and even though EVERYONE knows you smoke it, i could legitimately use it as potpourri. it really does smell lovely. i’ve never had and REALLY wanted to try White Tiger, but it’s usually 65 for 10 grams by ITSELF, so this is one HELL of a sale and goes on through the end of the month. the company i buy from? yeah sure. why not. they’re good folks and pretty on the ball when it comes to getting orders to you quickly. 8.50 for stateside only shipping 2 day air! that ain’t too shabby! and it WILL be 2 days from when you place the order. so my order placed today will be here in Wednesday’s post. i already KNOW this. though Platinum Potpourri does drag it’s heels on PROCESSING orders which can be annoying. i generally make it the LAST of my payday errands because they’ll wait to actually process the card until they’ve processed the ORDER most folks do that the OTHER way round! like ‘can they pay for this? oh good. yup. take the payment then pull the order and package and process it.’ for an order i placed today at 1230pm EST they won’t take the funds off my card until LATE tonight, usually after my regular 10-1030 bedtime! that’s why i was being SO damn precise on my calculations, but with 31 cents wiggle room and no other purchases to make or bills to pay for the month, i’ll be fine.) and something new to me. when i get them, i’ll try a pinner of the unknown 1st and generally have to go lay down for about an hour after i smoke the 1st because it IS superstrong shit. if you’re a habitual pot smoker, do NOT TREAT THIS LIKE IT WAS POT. it will HURT you if you do!!!!!!!!! i canNOT emphasize that enough. i’ve been doing these monthly detoxes for a few YEARS now (started right after we found out for sure the only thing they can give me that won’t make me sicker is the damn painkillers in relatively low dosages. even painkillers make me sick as the proverbial dog if i do a stretch of more than 5 days in a row of 4 pill days! so i’m really screwed ad i HAVE to do the monthly detox).

then when i’ve tested the other and decided which is the stronger one (the Kush has ended up being the stronger in every case so far, so considering the usual price of WT? that’ll probably knock me on my ass at 1st try LOL) i’ll put THAT away in the smoke box and stick with the weaker. i usually smoke a pinner about every 40-60 minutes at 1st the 1st day, then as i build up a tolerance (which i’ll do fairly quickly. again. weird metabolism) when i run out of 1st gen (from the green itself or 1st rolls) then i’ll cut up the roaches, add a pinch of catnip (yup, really) and smoke that, then repeat the process until i’m pretty much out, then with my new tolerance THEN i’ll get into the stronger stuff and follow the same process. that’ll give me about 10 ‘extra’ painkillers that i save for the BAD days to make 4 pill days.

usually by this time in the month, i’m REAL ready for that detox too. not only do i enjoy smoking it and get a LOT of work done during my detoxes, but by now my intestines are trying to strangle themselves rather than letting me defecate on a semi regular basis and i start getting scared of the toilet since when it finally DOES happen, it feels like you’re trying to give anal birth to a 40 oz bottle! feh!

and so. that’s why i do it and how i do it. should you do that? probably not. day 3-4 really DO suck toxic creekwater. but i usually put aside a nice fat 2 gram capacity jar of pristine green for the last days when i bring myself back up to 2 pills on day 5, then the next day i’m back up to 3 a day and it all starts all over again.

now. if you’ll excuse me? i need to eat something. my stomach has taken up yodeling again 😉



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  1. yes! and that’s the money order for rent posted and Richard the postie knows to expect my packages on wednesday and sometimes within the next week or so (and the cat just say down on my foot LOL)

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