how good is my mental calculation?

i wanted to hold back $85 for my herbal potpourri, but knew i desperately needed a BUNCH of shit (the full list? tp, tissue, paper towels, cat food, cat litter, cat treats  <tsk. i swear she can fucking READ! right when i typed that she lost patience with me and started dancing around and sharking me, walking around me in circles with her ears and tail in the air to tickle the backs of my legs! okay okay i’ll open them and give you some. stop please!>,looseleaf paper, pads-as in feminine supplies. i switched from applicatorless tampons when i started to get real sick. long gross story. let’s just leave that to your imagination. -, dish soap, sponges, cigarette papers 12 packs and a lighter as well as prepaying for my medications delivery for the month) (i’d still like to get bleach, peroxide, a pencil sharpener and coloured pencils even if it is just a dollar store box) got home threw everything on the futon and started emptying my backpack, then sat down to call the card to see how close i was to my goal.

in CASH, i have 3- 1 dollar notes and 2.34 in loose change (which will be JUST enough to get my secondary list when i go to do the grocery shopping on thursday. yay Branden! good timing on your day off, and knowing you, you did it on purpose because you’re thoughtful like that. might be 1 of the reasons you are and remain 1/2 of my best friend. the other 1/2? why YOUR other 1/2 of COURSE! I love you guys! mwah!) that cheered me up (and i’m already in a good enough mood to have strolled through the rainy carpark at the grocery store singing ‘singing in the rain’ in full voice making a couple people glance over sharply, then bust out laughing and grinning at my antics.) and i sighed a resigned sigh and called the card (don’t go trying to sell me shit or spam my page because i will block your ass. it’s a direct deposit disability benefits card and barely covers my fucking bills) and busted up laughing. $85 ON THE NOSE. not 85 and some change. JUST EXACTLY 85 bucks. considering with shipping my usual order is 84 something? poifeck! (read that out loud in Bugs Bunny’s voice and you’ll have it)

well, i have 1 more virtual errand to run, then i need to fill out my money order and write the note for my landlord and i get to relax for the rest of the day.

i may or may not get any real work done today. we’ll see. i’m not feeling to hot right now. not wiped or anything, but a little tired/sore/woozy. i’ll see how i feel after my painkiller kicks in at 1pm. i may end up rallying and getting a little done.


ps. virtual errand run and they’re having a SALE! 10g of Kush redletter (the kind with the big red 7 on the packet) and white tiger 10g which i’ve wanted to try for a while because of the name (i have a thing for cats especially the big ones) but they never included it with a bundle sale before. excellent. if i am not mistaken, that’ll be enough to get some hair dye since my green is all faded (though i was still complimented on it this morning!) and i still have enough to cover my secondary need/want list in cash. how is THAT for perfect on the fly mental calculation? the only hard part is writing it on down afterwards for my records LOL

and found the same hairdye i used last for (punky colours apple green) for 7.20 with free shipping so that squeaks me in at 31 cents to spare (takes a bigger bow) now THAT’s talented.


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