Little did I know that after writing my journal entry about mirrors of the moon would I be watching the reflection of the moon with another.

Did I know that it was close to happening? Yes. After falling for j.peterson then getting stood up by another j.peterson (seriously I knew it wasn’t meant to be when he told me his last name) but not allowing myself to be hurt by the actions of another. I walked down the stairs to the hotel lobby only to see him. His eyes took hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I know he could feel my inner turmoil. The tears that were on the surface that I was not allowing to come out until I was alone and could feel it in private. So we started talking and left the hotel lobby together. We were going to go to the WP but I wanted to be far away from the village. So we drove. Drove for an hour to get food! Yes.. Things can sometimes be that far away plus detours. We talked the entire time. We just understood each other without having to explain. One of us would be trying to communicate something and we’d finish each other’s sentences. We ended up going to a fancy restaurant called Calico Pizza and we talked non stop there. He could tell from my energy that I was hesitant but a couple of beers loosened me up. He knew. Even if I didn’t really know or was still unsure at the time. The bill came and my half was 22.44! haha. I just laughed and showed him the bill. His was 22.45. I suppose it was I that need the confirmation. He ended up tipping 555.. Which didn’t strike me then but later on I wonder if he knew. 555. The number 5 is my soul path, my door room number, the number I used in one of my recent profiles.

We drove back using the scenic route which was the way we came. I asked him to pull over and we drank a beer outside and talked more. We watched the clouds cover the moon and I remarked how we could see the reflection of the moon in the puddles. Then as we kissed all the animals got louder. He said that they were happy. I knew it was true in my heart. We leave and I was asking questions. More like over thinking this connection. Could this be true? Then as I asked for guidance something comes into our line of sight. It was a strange animal. Something I had never seen before. He says its very old and I don’t doubt that but he was bowing down to us. Seriously. He was on the yellow line and was bowing. To. Us. Later on as I look back and we talked about the kind of animal it could be we agreed that it must have been a bobcat.

Tonight we are going out to do a full moon ritual. I did a small one, my first one, when I first came here but tonight will be different. I don’t know what he has planned. I told him to scope out a private spot for us tonight. He told me he usually does it naked(!) but I dunno how comfortable I am with that. Though I’m sure at some point i’ll be exposed. 😉

I am pretty excited for my time here. I know there is much I can learn from him and I’m looking forward to it. <3




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