watching episode 2 in netflux (flux as in a smelly discharge indicating illness or infection in the part oozing said flux in PUS) and found out something that is going to SERIOUSLY piss off every SCA member, Rennie and reinactor i know. especially if you favour full armor  and have bought from an armorer in mid-calfornia that has a horsehead logo and ‘stable’ in the name (you now the one i’m talking about! no names here. he’s already embarrassed himself!). at faires that he actually goes to and sets up shop he tells anyone who’ll listen that his armor is made ‘in time honoured fashion, unchanged for over a thousand years. the only time a modern tool touches MY armor is maybe after it leaves MY hands and they try to get it repaired by someone ELSE besides me’ well, netflix modern marvels collection episode 2 proves you WRONG motherfucker. bastard doesn’t even use a HAND SLEDGE!!!! he uses fucking SHEET METAL TOO!!!!! everyone say it with me now! “THAT”S NOT FUCKING PERIOD!!!!!’jackass. so if you’re a rennie or know 1 that is thinking about buying from this lying son of a basket case? skip it. i could see paying 4500 or more for custom armor REALLY made the correct way so it COULD be used in the pageants, but considering it’s fake from materials to tools to process? you’ll get thrown out of Court (as in the Queen’s pageantry court not legal, but Goddess knows this scumbag needs to be sued!) for wearing HIS trash.

uhm… still haven’t had breakfast OR caffeine yet and haven’t done my virtual errands.  i hadn’t got to talk to Chris or Branden last night (i kinda kept a secret. i had 1 full shaker seizure and 4 catatonic fainters. it’s in my pain journal for yesterday in the journal 1/2 of the page, but i was a little too busy dealing with it and dealing with other silliness yesterday to blog about it) and wanted to sit here till they came out and just ask them what was going on and didn’t want to miss them. (ooh! i just randomly got a craving for a toasted cheese on multigrain and a dr. pepper. cravings are obeyed WHENEVER possible. i’ve always felt they signify your body trying to signal something specific you need) so we’re go for the usual time (i prefer to get that done early so i can order my herbals after i get the bills paid and buy the stuff i really need so i know precisely how much i have to work with and what kind and how much of the herbal potpourri i can get to do my monthly detox with

aw crap. Branden’s back. gotta bounce

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