Week end recap

I’m ready for a new macbook. I would like for it to come to me without financial stress. The black one would do nicely.

I decided to pick up trash in the neighborhood. Not obsessively, but I’m going to be cognizant of it and aim to pick up one piece of trash every day. And say thank you.

Rap God is my new favorite song.

My week end was fast paced. I’m ready to take on the week. I enjoyed watching things come together and advance – it is a good sign and it feels good have this rhythm going right now. I am still practicing letting go sometimes and I am reminding myself to look for lessons in strenuous situations.

I had a nice conversation with my ex on Friday evening. I think he and I can connect again. It is strange how strain and bruised egos can block a connection. Too many bad feelings, I guess – but it is alway a nice surprise when the fence is finally mended. Shaky, still sometimes.

I want to be in peace with all my surroundings and all my people. I want to bring happy, chill energy to the room.

Business is growing and expanding, for real. It is happening and I love watching it and catching the advancement. It is a special moment to take to acknowledge a step in the right direction. Noticing and appreciating the small victories makes the day brighter and builds a strong confidence.

Making good decisions and choosing the correct actions will continue to be vital to forward motion. It is time to make things happen and push things along in the right direction. It is time to get reorganized.

I was happy to notice my stress over the housewarming party. It turned out to be nothing to worry about and I look to remember to not worry the next time. Things are fabulous and I’m not to worry at all. That energy can be redirected into inspired actions, breathing life into a thriving legacy.

I’m ready for a new car. I am looking at the Mini Cooper – something used. Something small and compact but still stocky and solid. I would take a used one with low to reasonable mileage. I want a green one, I think. Good tires, nice body. Gently used interior.

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