Hi I’m Back!!

Well I have always been here but have not wrote journals for a long time. I was busy for doing lots of unnecessary stuffs except for skating 🙂 gotta take advantage of nice weather. My cover image is the funny guy from Silicon Vally and I have to take a pic of that T-shirt. I’m not really writing something relevant to that t-shirt at all just wanted to have a cover image cause I haven’t have it for a while 😉

Feel little defeated lately after going through some failures for the better opportunities. It just happens once in a while although I have been going through this for years. Some recovery time is needed at this moment. No matter what, I still believe things are going to get better and I will keep try till I get them. I’m also not gonna be lazy for improving myself and my skill sets. It’s just a thing I need to do till I die.

Got many thoughts on my head now and I’m just trying to writing down things as it pops up in my head. It might sounds stupid when you read this but it definitely helps me organize my thoughts. So…. What’s next now.

I still have to work on public journal page to help people finding journals from others. This is actually way hard for me to solve and it’s taking a long time. Hopefully I will find a solution soon. I also need to get some ideas for othoo.com. Those two are probably the priorly for me now. Let’s get this done one by one!


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