Finally…. A starting point

Have you ever had someone start out a journal with a disclaimer at the very start of it.. A WARNING!! probably not.. the time we get through with my stories.. You will understand the placement of mine.. So, for those of you who are sensitive people.. who cannot handle some really hard truths about the world we live in.. if you choose to see the world through rose colored glasses.. then turn back now.. this is definitely not going to be for you.. But, for those of you who choose to stay.. you will begin a journey with me.. a journey that at times may be very difficult for you to understand.. and you may very well find a spot where you say.. ok.. enough.. I can’t keep reading this mess.. she has just gone too far.. but before you leave so soon.. let me just tell you that this all has a happy ending.. its just the journey getting here, that nearly damned killed me.. and I do mean… nearly damned killed me.

One thought on “Finally…. A starting point”

  1. Take your time. I have, not starting my on-line journal after months reading here. On paper, I’ve been a journal writer for 35 years or more.

    The kind of ‘warnings’, along the lines of what you are describing, when I read journals, diaries and stories begin with the happy ending when there is one. “I have arrived, but it wasn’t always so ….” See, the problem with a ‘warning’ like yours is that it worked, I don’t think I want to read any more. Anyway, good luck.

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