been sick as a dog and had 2 seizures (full shakers 1 of which i was fucking standing up when it grabbed me!!!!!!) and found out the fucking herbals company dragged their heels SO fucking much that my order placed on the 1st won’t be fucking here till fucking thursday when i have to be out of the flat for a good chunk of the day to get the month’s grocery shopping done, netfux is out of any shit i want to see A-and my game site is being idiotic. check please.

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  1. LOL hi CynniePENny!

    yeah, i kind of HAVE to do it that way. see, as broken as i am (bad days are now so bad i need a cane and sometimes even crutches to get from my desk to the loo!) and my local friends are as dear as they are long suffering. we decided it was easier to get it all done in 1 big go. on the 1st either Branden or Chris take me to the bank, drug store and the dollar store for my non-food errands (you know, the basics; tp, tissues and papertowels, cat food/litter/treats/nips feminine supplies and art supplies, candles and cleaning stuff. the important stuff.) i get all my smoking supplies delivered by post (as well as my hair dyes and makeup when i do bother to buy new stuff LOL i don’t actually wear it much around the house except maybe lip gloss and eyeliner… current lip gloss-self-made is mint flavoured and pale green to match my hair!) then on the 4th (or close as possible) i hit Kroger’s like a 1 woman hurricane with either Chris or Branden or occasionally Jus. it’s all systematic. i have in my head what i need (cause it’s variations on the same thing every month with about 20 mentally set aside for Parah Treats (i allow myself 1 bag of plain potato chips a month, but it’s the brie and biscuits with fresh fruit especially like now with Cherries in season. i spent 16 bucks on 4 diff kinds of cherries alone! red, black and white fresh and a jar of marischino (SP?) for the sundae cones i’ll be making when we start hitting the 90’s later this i even got hard-coat choc. shell sauce for them and choc waffle cones. i’ll parfait them with choc. AND mint chocice cream too mmmm if i can keep myself from eating the cherries plain out of the jar hehehe) i fill and i mean FILL to mounding it with my friend or brother trailing me as a spotter to catch stuff falling off the top LOL including what Jus calls a raft of soda filling the bottom and when i get home, i put all the perishables in the fridge for HOLDING. over the next 2 days, i’ll do the preprep and repackage things like the sausage for ease of use (how many want sausage? links or patties? hand hovering over various butter tubs with masking tape labels… that sort of thing…for fresh VEGGIES which i didn’t get this month, i precut them for stir fry and put them in their own tubs so i can grab whatever i want… hrmmm a few red peppers, some yellow… how about some orange or green? summer squash? zucc? and flash freeze them by rotating containers putting them in the bottom back)instead of the plastic wrap on foamcore, it gets an old bleached container i got specialty lunch meat in (i love those containers. i’ll buy food just for the container sometimes because it’s perfect for some use like the gigantic tub of peppermint puffs because the tub will make a marvelous BIG tub for storing flour or sugar or something similar)
    but i pay for it. i’ll be benched for the next 2-3 days because i rushed around for 1 1/2 hours this morning. it sucks. i hate this.

    so. my babbling aside. yeah. it’s a pain in the neck (and several other body parts) but, it’s 1ce a month and it’s done. i can’t really be IN a damn car for very long any more. way too damn fragile, so i just suck it up, bull through it and i know my herbals will be here in about 2 hours or so.
    how many people do you have gathered round the dinner table? see, here, it’s just me and the cat and now and then my little brother if he has time to swing by on his way between his various groundskeeper gigs. if i was shopping to REGULARLY feed more than me and the cat (and she’s EASY. i just free feed dry and a regular bag lasts her all month)i’d suck it up and go once a week instead of 1ce a month, but it’s gotten to be SUCH a literal pain for me to leave my flat at ALL (i rarely even leave my desk let alone the building)that i’ll spend the next 2 days completely convalescent to recover from it. well, gives me more time to work on the books, right?

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