I miss my baby 😞

It’s June 3rd, 2015 and it’s way past midnight and I’m going crazy! I’m completely stressed out and all I really need to fix that problem is my husband… Why did the law have to take him? He did nothing wrong and he’s being punished for something he didn’t do and I’m being punished too. The so called “law system” can kiss my ass because what they say is justice is not justice…or at least on my end it ain’t. I can’t get my baby out of my head but I don’t want him out of my head. I need for him to know that I’m here for him and I don’t want no one else but him it’s been almost 4 months now since he’s been locked up and I don’t know when he’s going to come home. It really bothers me and drives me up the wall because he is the only one that can truly calm my nerves. Well, his mom (which she is practically my mother too) helps me a good bit. I love living with her while I go through this hard patch in our life. I know my husband is depressed because he can’t be here for us but I try to tell him it’s not his fault because it isn’t. I know it kills him that our son is a baby and he’s missing out on him crawling and doing other major milestones in a child’s life. Ahhhhh! Why us? I will never understand. I will never understand a lot of things but this really tops them all. I guess I just need to keep taking it day by day and one day I know he’ll come home to Steven and I.😕

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