24th october 2007 340pm wednesday


6 thoughts on “24th october 2007 340pm wednesday”

  1. if today’s a tough one, have a listen to “Spiegel Im Spiegel” (translates roughly as mirror in mirror)by Arvo Part. Spare, soothing and sublime.

  2. I’m off to bed now, but my last thought for you for today is this: With what you have to endure – and as I said, I have only just read about RSD for the very first time – you’re coping so well and you’re so brave – and funny. Another great song for your listening pleasure (I hope), is “Forever Young” by the Pretenders.
    Have a full and happy day!!!

  3. ….sorry, this is the last thing. Watch “The Darjeeling Limited” if you haven’t already. It has the same great laconic humour as “Fargo”.

  4. ack. you’re an overly effusive Oz no less (as if there’s any other sort) was sick as a proverbial dog this morning spent from 3am till 540am trapped in the bog with the trashcan renting out add space on my knees as it were. i think it was something resembling music at 1 point but not very pleasant. am i going to have to start publishing my schedule so people don’t freak out on me? this week’s a little bonkers for me. resting today get a little work done (clean off the little baby grill so i can return it. as in miniature not for babies LOL i don’t think i like what the G.F. does to mets so much)tomorrow i have to bust ass and do tarot readings then i have to get the hair dyed and get ready for the monthly no progress report thursday.

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