I am

i am a small child, wanting your approval. I am an awkward teenager, waiting for you to notice me. I have a crush on you, the first one I’ve had in years that are filled with hard realities of what life really has to offer when a person doesn’t ask for help from anyone because she can do it all- everything- on her own. There you are, when you look at me it’s low, hot vibrations through my limbs. In places on my body that have been neglected and forgotten. When your green eyes flash on me, my breath really does catch. Because I want you. ¬†Truthtfully, I want my idea of you. I want to pull you to me and frantically kiss you. I want you want me as much as I want you. The way you twist your full lips around when you’re anxious is erotic to me. I want to bite them, and suck on them. I want us to dominate each other- a perfect battle of wills that ends in bodies tearing at each other in desire. Your soft, even voice washrs over me like fingers. The feel of your hand on my back still burns my skin. I wonder if you felt anything? I don’t want to know the answer. If I write it down, maybe it will lessen. Because it will never happen.

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