I see the moon and the moon sees me..

 I’m starting a journey into learning as much as I can about Wicca. Ive never been a super religious person. My mother always left it open for me and my siblings to choose our own paths. That’s probably why today My brother is Budist My sister Shelly Muslim and me and my other sister Shannon are currently studying wicca. I’ve always felt kinda lost without a path or a “religion” Wicca seems more my  style, but I’m open to anything interesting. I’ve always wanted to know what voodoo was like. There is actually a good side to voodoo well Google says there is anyways lmao. I guess everything and everyone has a good and bad side right 😉 I know I do that’s for sure. Half of me is sweet as honey bee poop and the other well….let’s just say some things I keep just between me and my beloved moon….well and my “secret”…but no one else. 

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