sometimes you need a reminder
someone to tell you that you’re
doing well, “I appreciate you going
out for a meal, especially with your
anxiety and you worrying about
being sick.”

It doesn’t come.
People don’t realize it’s hard for

“Well done for taking the time to
revise, I know you feel
perpetually like crying, but you
did well and focused.”
I just haven’t been encouraged
in a long time.

“You got out of bed today,
when all you wanted was to
sleep all day, and you want to
cry when you look at your own
reflection in a mirror.
That’s good.”

The fact remains I don’t have
anyone to give me this
encouragement. I have people
who tell me they love me,
but don’t see how sad I am.
So I am proud. I’m proud of
myself because I know I did
well. Even if no one else does.

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