Every broken heart, will push to beat a beat for the person that broke it.

You promised me forever… You told me I was different from all the others. You told me that you loved me… You said we would spend our lives together… Now it’s two years later and I’m still crying over your lies. I can’t move on because of you… I finally find a great guy and yet here I am… Wondering how you’ll feel if you see me happy with another guy.. Why did you put me through hell… What did I do.. Did I care too much? Obviously I gave you enough space.. Enough for you to go and cheat on me… You gave us a second chance.. I was on Cloud 9 head over heels in love… I never was a fan of starting a family and getting married till I met you… Now I’m wondering if happy ever after was ment for me… You promised you’d never hurt me.. You promised you’d always be there… How can it be so easy for you to look me in the eyes and lie.. Straight to my face… I finally found an amazing guy that might actually like me and care for me.. But you fucked me up emotionally and mentally that I have no idea whether I can trust him or not…. All because of you… Are you happy? Are you glad to see me suffering? Does it put a twinkle in your eye? Does it make your heart skip a beat? All I want to know is why? Why would you put me through all of that… Why get my hopes up.. Just to leave.. I don’t get how you could be so heartless… You ruined my dreams of finding happy ever after… Yet… If you came to me with a ring right now.. Asked me to marry you… Run away with you and start a family of our own.. I’d say yes in a heartbeat and pack all my stuff… Even though I know you might just hurt me all over again… I’m broken.. You have officially broken me… Are you happy?

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