did you know,
that you are not the ocean?
you cannot actually drown me,
I can breathe under your weight,
you are not white foam lapping
at my toes,
you cannot make me long to tie
anchors to my ankles.

I have suffocated for far too long.
you have breathed fire into my
lungs and poisoned my water
and soured my lips with new
I may long for you,
but I do not need you,
I can build statues and buildings
and cities.
I can bend you to my will.

I can break your heart and
your spirit and your bones.
I can laugh at your pain and wipe
your tears and wish you the best.

we may have tangled sheets and
tangled spirits between us,
but my soul is my own and I will
no longer twist it to meet your
you were my lover,
but you are not my love.

did you know,
that you are not the ocean?

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