shadows are encroached around me
they are swimming between my legs
they have created a shadow sea
and entangled in my hair
they are crawling all around
they have borne themselves in the
crevices of my life
the places where nothing’s found
they have violated me in my dreams
and clung their hands to chase me to
where I wake
they have strangled and beat upon me
and all I’ve owned is now theirs to take
but as I have hid from the shadows
my feet stomped them into being
as I searched for so called better
as though words, I spewed them from
my mouth
and my hair spun them into sight
will I never be free of them
will I live in endless night
where are the moon and the stars
I once chased
has hope been lost
and good memory been erased
who am I now
who do I seem
as I feel that face before me
I am but a shadow queen
this is not the life I wanted
this is not what I dreamed
but all has been lost
if all has been seen
some small part of me
the part that demands to
that beats her hands upon the wall
to break free of this spinning wheel
she lets out a breath
a plea, a whisper
a small sliver of hope
and she sees it dwindling
down and down
on a spindly little rope
it has one last shimmer in it
one last little spark
and with her fading breath
she begs it saves her dying heart
so what will be
only times will know
but I wait for thee
eternally gasping here below…

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