Damn.. I’m really falling for this guy… Fast and hard… I am trying to distance myself from him, but it’s not working… Maybe I should give him a shot… Maybe I should let him in.. Just a little bit… He just… He understands. He’s so respectful and sweet and caring… He makes me feel so special! He calls me Hun and Sweetie, not babe or baby or sexy, which I actually love that about him… He is always the first to text me.. Every morning I wake up to a good morning text from him… No guy has ever put this much effort to keep me… I’m usually the one putting in the effort! What if this could be it??? What if he’s the one?? What if God finally saw how I was slipping away and decided to give him to me… To keep forever… I could potentially see a future with this guy… It’s crazy… He just… He makes me happy.. When I talk to him, I have a real smile on my face… Not the fake one I’ve been using for these 2 years… A real genuine smile… And a real laugh to! He always knows how to cheer me up and even when he doesn’t he still tries!!! Damn… What if I really do love this guy….

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