The Sky Looks Like a Bruise & I Feel Like One

There’s quiet lightning
lighting up my room,
what a peculiar thing
a flash of brilliant light,
with no sound to follow.
It feels just like aching for
you’ve never had.

I love you, I’m not sure if I’ve
met you or not, but I know
you exist and god I love you.
Like this lightning, it sparks up
inside of me in crashes and bolts,
but there’s no thunder.
You’re just not close enough to
hear it.

If you were here I’d show
you my love like thunder,
with a low rumble I’ll murmur
I love you’s into your skin
I’ll shake the air with my kisses
I love you, I love you. I love you
the words shake my heart and
electrify my veins, because I do
oh god, I do.

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