The stupidity of the female gender!

This is how I feel and why I’m so ashamed of being a woman sometimes.


I hate society for what it is. It’s fascinating that women speak so vile towards one another. When a woman is assaulted both physically and the other way the first thing that comes to these other women’s minds are “whore this and whore that. Or we got guys pulling the same bullshit excuse used many years now like “if she doesn’t dress like a śłût then she won’t get treated like one. What’s your excuse gonna be when she’s in a suit and tie and is a businesswoman? She wasn’t acting housewife enough? Cut the crap. What’s more infuriating is when I use the same excuse and say the same things to someone they know those same people cry about how I’m being insensitive. Which is it? Don’t get all in a tizzy because someone calls you out on your crap then get all whiny and sympathetic when you experience that kind of crap in your life. Gawd women in this word are so fucking stupid sometimes!


The pic was the edited version that I wanted to post on EP but for some reason EP found it to be in violation of guidelines yet they allow spam and other crap to be posted despite the very fact that spam is against guidelines. So way to go there EP! Nice logic.

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