remember your first kiss
how their lips felt against yours,
the overwhelming excitement,
and how innocent you were,

remember the first time you skipped class,
the adrenaline rushing through you,
anxiously checking your phone,
the afternoon detention that followed,

remember your first party,
spending hours to get ready,
asking around to see if the person
you liked was going,
your mom waiting out front at 11,

remember the first time you tasted alcohol,
how unaware you were of your tolerance,
throwing up in your friend’s bathroom,
promising that you’ll never drink again,

remember the day you first burnt your lungs,
everyone around you trying to look cool,
almost choking from hiding their need to cough,
the taste of regret left in your mouth,

remember your youth,
the memories that are apart of you,
all of the mistakes along the way,
realizing that you’ll never get to do it again.

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