Yesterday was one of the best days in my life *-* seriously i had so much fun with my only two best friends Hafsa and Zainab in the swiming pool , i won’t forget it for the rest of my life.
There is something special happened to me yesterday, well i like a guy named Saad, he’s totally cute and good-looking, i’ve never thought that i’d like him ! but here we are! we used to talk on facebook, and that night he asked me what im going to do saturday so i told him i will go to agri club then he told me okaay let’s meet there, i’ll be there too.. ! first when i went there i saw him but i did not want to say hi first and also zainab and hafssa didn’t let me because they didn’t want someone to sit with us..and yeah ! but once i started to swim! he came to me and he sais hii let’s swim together, but damn xd im not a good swimmer…actually im the worst hahahaha! but he wanted to teach me and yeaaah *-* we spent all the time swiming together! i still remember his touche, the way he looked at me! his smile, his look …and everything else, it was magical moment! i did not want to leave i felt safe with him, he’s the first guy i feel safe with in the water so of course he’s special to me! hahaha we took a shower together, me, him and hafssa! god he’s so funny.
Anyway Im taking things slowly! oh by the way Yassine ( my friend) treats me weirdly like he does not want to talk to me or..idk, he’s not being nice since yesterday in the agri club, i think because he asked me to swim with him but i kinda refused ! i was afraid i don’t like water and i don’t feel safe with him! done!! HE IS IGNORING ME -_- ! i liked him a lot but now TOTALLY no! hahahah i was blind or what? he means nothing to me now so it’s not important. Ikram ( my close friend) is ill..good recovry to her.. and Zainab feel suck! she’s so in love with a guy who used to be my close friend but shit he’s really an asshole…i don’t think zainab deserves being saad because of him..all the best to her! 

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