Anyone out there tonight stressed like me?

stressed about my future…what’s with the hiring freeze?  :'(
10+ years of working experience, a proper bachelor degree and MBA and I can’t find something…..

stressed about my future…I can’t afford a simple down payment, no matter how much I try to save up, those zeros on my account is not moving.

stressed about my future…when you have ideas, so many ideas, but you can’t do anything because of money.

who says money can’t buy happiness?  me.  I said that.  I’ve always followed the idea that money is important but there’s so much that it can’t replace.  You can’t buy a smile..you can’t buy happiness..you can’t buy a hug or a smile..you can’t buy health…true?  maybe.. but maybe not.  Without it, I can’t do so much…is money really that important?  I have never seen it to be important, but why now?  why does reality have to  ‘swim’ around the idea of money?

just blah


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