A Sense of Perception

It’s been a while since I have written anything, I think a lot of it is because I have been taking stock these last few weeks. I started this journal to vent the anguish I was feeling, the pain I didn’t know how else to release. As I read some of the posts I wrote, public and most private, it’s hard to believe you can go to such a dark place. I would like to think, I am no longer there. I think I have a better understanding of myself, and all parties involved. I now feel like I can see the whole picture.

I think its also a matter of perception. I want to believe that “Time heals all wounds”, but I may have just become numb to it all. Or I would hope that maybe its just a good day, but I could be ignoring the issue, and its lurking in the recesses of my mind waiting for me to let my guard down. Its all how you look at it I guess. I know I don’t feel as hurt, as my previous posts made me sound. I don’t feel like I am stuck in the dark, with no way out. I see a light now, at the end of the tunnel. Its a speck, but I will take what I can get. I believe I WILL be ok, I think I will not come out of this without some scars but everything leaves a mark. Hopefully my next posts will reflect that, but if not, just remember “We are all subject to gravity.”

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