Dream Entry – unexpected reactions surrounding Christine

Another storyline before this, but I remember :

Walk through property knowing who owned it. It stung that the listing was given to another agent in my office (Christine O.), but given my past with the owner, I understood. I was determined to be professional. There was an informant in the basement. She offered up financial information on the property. I had a strong reaction because the comment was too revealing for the owner. In the middle of my rant, I realized how odd my behavior was at that point. I realized that my clients were likely questioning my loyalty and I stopped myself. How embarrassing.

I wanted to recover but it didn’t seem like something that would be easily done. I said goodbye to my client and took a minute in the home. The next place I found myself was on a couch with the family, minus my connection. While I wanted to relax, I couldn’t. I was nervous he would be walking through the door at any moment, not expecting to see me there.

I wish I could remember the first part of my dream. Oh! Ask and ye shall receive.

We were in a car. Driving through strange, twisty roads. We had Christine M. from high school in the back seat. There was another passenger in the back seat, Christine’s cousin, but she was silent. We didn’t seem to have a destination and Christine was talking a lot. Eventually, Christine needed to get out of the car and it was normal and expected to leave the vehicle wherever we were. So with some maneuvering around oncoming traffic and a billboard, we let her out. Once she got out one of the members of my best friend’s family started talking about what a strange girl she was – she went on and on, until I reminded her that our backseat passenger was her cousin. The reaction? Oh.


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