I’d rather pick flowers than fights.

–Dental Care

–Owl City

Okay so I’m opening this with a line from Dental Care, a song on Owl City’s second album Ocean Eyes. I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I am a very nonconfrontational person. This is why, when my dad said some EXTREMELY MEAN things about a certain cause that I support, well, I didn’t even scream at him, or talk back. Partly because that would’ve gotten me nowhere–you can never win an argument with my dad, he’s such a hypocrite.

But it was irritating, having to sit through his crap while HE got mad at ME for supporting this thing. It was actually more than irritating–it was infuriating. But I held my tongue and fled at the first chance, because I am just that afraid of fights and arguments. Plus it would’ve created a big row if I’d continued to defend my beliefs, and I certainly don’t want our relationship to tense up any more. God, it’s already tense because of my brother and sister.

ANYWAY. I just needed to get that off my chest. It’s seven pm and dinnertime and I shouldn’t spend too much time here anyway, so have a good morning/night/afternoon/whatever and I’ll write again soon.

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